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Robo-Signing in General

What is Robo-Signing? 

In the mortgage industry, robo-signing is the practice of an employee signing thousands of documents and affidavits without verifying the information contained therein. Some reports have revealed that one bank official signed off on almost 10,000 documents in one month. The practice calls into question the validity of thousands of mortgage assignments and foreclosures across the country.

Banks have been under investigation since 2010 for their part in the robo-signing scandal which resulted in many homeowners losing their homes without merit. After the scandal came to light, the banks said they would no longer engage in this practice. However, as recently as July 2011, it was discovered that mortgage robo-signing was still being practiced.

When the practice recently came to light, four major banks; JP Morgan Chase, Ally Financial/GMAC, Bank of America and Wells Fargo all called to a halt of foreclosure actions in 23 states. In the days following their announcements, Bank of America ceased foreclosures in all 50 states. A coalition of 40 attorneys general plan on launching a probe into mortgage servicing practices and may hold them accountable where there were violations of state foreclosure laws. 


A robo-signer is a person in a legal document processing assembly line whose only task is to sign previously-prepared documents affecting title to real property in a robotic-like fashion without reading the documents or verifying the facts contained therein by reviewing the primary source of evidence. The robo-signer's mission is to expedite the documents' recordation in the public land records and/or in court proceedings. Additionally, robo-signers regularly fail to establish or simply do not have the authority to execute these documents on behalf of the legal title holder or principal on whose behalf they purport to act. 


A surrogate signer is a person who signs a legal document on behalf of and in the name of another without reading it or understanding the document's contents. Surrogate signers are not authorized to execute these documents on behalf of the legal title holder or principal on whose behalf they purport to act.


Forgery is the creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine one, with the intent to defraud. Forgery consists of filling in blanks on a document containing a genuine signature, or materially altering or erasing an existing instrument. An underlying intent to defraud, based on knowledge of the false nature of the instrument, must accompany the act. 


"This is the first time any grand jury in the country has indicted a corporation or a high-level executive at a corporation for 'robo-signing,'" Missouri Attorney-General Chris Koster told The Huffington Post. "The grand jury is alleging that the documents have false signatures on them, that the notarizations are fraudulent and that it was all done with intent to deceive. If that's true, it makes the [foreclosure] documents forgeries."

Elements of Forgery, in General

Forgery is the false making or material alteration of a writing, where the writing has the apparent ability to defraud and is of apparent legal efficacy with the intent to defraud. The elements of forgery are:

False Making

The person must have taken paper and ink and created a false document from scratch. Forgery is limited to documents. "Writing" includes anything handwritten, typewritten, computer-generated, printed, or engraved. 

Material Alteration

The person must have taken a genuine document and changed it in some significant way. It is intended to cover situations involving false signatures or improperly filling blanks on a form. 

Ability to Defraud

The document or writing has to look genuine enough to qualify as having the apparent ability to fool most people.

Legal Efficacy

The document or writing has to have some legal significance affecting another person's right to something. A writing of social significance (only) cannot be the subject of forgery.

Intent to Defraud

The specific state of mind for forgery does not require intent to steal, only intent to fool people. The person must have intended that other people regard something false as genuine. A forgery is complete upon having created such a document with this requisite intent.

Robo-Signing & Forgery

A signer in an assignment of mortgage or deed of trust may be a well-known or even an admitted robo-signer, but in forgery, there must be that certain act which pertains to the document at hand. It is not sufficient that the signer has been reported as a robo-signer. It must be proven that this particular assignment, to the exclusion of all else, bears evidence that the signature of the person in question has been forged or robo-signed or signed by a surrogate signer.

The most readily-available evidence then, would be proof that the signature on the examined document differs from the signatures of the same person on other documents. Any of these other documents may even show that this person also signed under different capacities or various types of representation with various other entities. 

When two signatures of the same person differ from each other, there can hardly be an assumption that both are genuine. Indeed, the assumption would be that one or both of these signatures do not belong to the person who purports or is made to purport to have signed them. 

Identifying differences between two signatures for the purpose of determining whether or not these have been signed by two different persons requires knowledge of certain techniques. Most important of all is that it must be known before the actual verification which of the two signatures is genuine. The bottom-line is to prove that the examined signature is not the signature of the person signing based on his/her genuine signature. This procedure may require one or more repetitions using more than one specimen. 

Elements of Forgery in Robo-Signing

After establishing proof that the signature on the examined document does not belong to the person who purports or is made to purport to have signed it, the next and most important step is to prove that all the elements of forgery are present.


There should be no question about paper and ink being taken in order to create a false document from scratch. The presence of the document, notarized and recorded, is itself the proof. Usually, one person would prepare the document and another, the authorized signatory, would sign it. Several individuals may have participated in the creation of the false document, but all of them would be under the employ of one person, and that is the entity which executed the document. It could be MERS, or it could be the originating lender itself or the trust which securitized the loan, or their agents, trustees, or attorneys-in-fact.

The notarizing official is intended to be the party who gives credence to the document and is thus supposed to be independent of the executor and has no interest in the execution of the document. Any failure of the notarizing official to discharge his/her duties properly would simply be an omission, i.e., failure to properly identify the signer before notarizing the document, or a commission, i.e., wilful neglect of duty or purposely acting as accessory in order to create the false document. 


The most significant part of a document is its signature. It is the element that gives value to the document. Without the signature, the document would be just like any other piece of paper; it may provide information, but it will not grant authority, transfer rights or ownership, or forge contracts and create obligations. 

It thus follows that when the signature of a person is placed above the name of another who purports or is made to purport to be the actual or official signatory in order to give value to the document, i.e., to make it valid, legal and enforceable, then a material alteration in the context of forgery has taken place.


There is also no question about the ability to defraud on the part of the entity which executed the document. As we have seen, robo-signing is committed mostly by lending institutions and securitization trusts represented by their various agents, including MERS. 

In some instances, the document with the forged signature would be co-signed by another person of more or less the same rank and/or by one or two more persons acting as witness/es. In order to comply with standard required, this document would be notarized and recorded in the county where the property belongs. Any document of this kind, would, in all probability, have the ability to lead the ordinary reader to believe that everything in it is true and genuine.   


The documents covered by robo-signing are mostly assignments of security instruments and to a lesser extent endorsements of promissory notes (I say this because I have seen more assignments than endorsements). Robo-signing also applies to substitutions of trustees and even notices of default and other acts by trustees (of the security instruments in non-judicial states).

Robo-signed documents usually arise out of the need to show proof that the security instrument has been transferred to, for example, a securitization trust, and/or becomes necessary when it is time to foreclose on the mortgaged property. In judicial foreclosure, the transferee-plaintiff would then claim, among others, that it is the holder and/or owner of the mortgage and would cite the particular assignment as its cause. In non-judicial states, the trustee would simply state that it is the duly appointed trustee of the principal which would then be cited in the document as the party to be contacted in order to avoid the foreclosure.

In other words, the document thus transfers or confers legal rights upon the assignee or appointee. In the case of a security instrument, it confers the rights of the mortgagee or beneficiary or grantee from the assignor to the assignee.  


It is forgery when the public is made to believe, for example, that the affiant or claimant is the owner of a security instrument through a valid assignment. Being the holder and/or owner of the instrument is different from being the transferee of that instrument by way of a valid assignment. Indeed, the claimant may be the holder of the mortgage but the intent to defraud lies with the transfer document, the assignment.

We have also seen several instances wherein the security instruments were assigned but there were no corresponding or underlying endorsements of the notes to the respective assignees. A secured creditor would not be willing to assign the security instrument to another party if it is not willing to endorse the note in the first place. It is forgery when an assignment is fabricated (and recorded) in order to show or support the claim that the claimant owns or holds the security instrument even if it is not the holder of the note by way of a valid endorsement at the time of the assignment.

The Robo-Signing Examination

A robo-signer examination is performed at the request of a client. The client provides the examiner a copy of the document to be examined, which has been notarized, and, preferably, would have recorded in the county that has jurisdiction over the property.


The examination is based on the documents presented. It covers the signatures on endorsements and assignments of mortgage, deeds of trust or security deeds (more often), and substitutions of trustees, notices of default and notices of sale (less often).


Robo-Signing Verification

The procedures of verification consist of three steps.

Robo-Signing Information. The examiner searches for reliable information on the signor's involvement in robo-signing. This may come in the form of news reports, articles, or even blogs including the inquiries and replies on their comment threads. For this purpose, this examiner considers the Southern Essex County (Massachusetts) Register of Deeds Robo-Signers List and the Report on the Comprehensive Forensic Examination of the Real Property Records of Osceola County, Florida as the most reliable sources of information. 

The nature of the signor's involvement is briefly described, the source of information is cited and its link is provided. Up to three different sources of information may be cited in the report.  

Signature Verification. The examiner compares the signatures on the document with available specimens. This procedure applies to the person/s signing the document on behalf of the assignor, the witness/es and the notarizing official. To serve as specimens are other documents bearing the signatures of the persons in question as are available on-line and from the examiner's own compilation (listed in the column at right). 

The comparison is presented by the use of screenshots of the signature in question vis-à-vis the specimens. A brief description of each screenshot is provided. Up to two specimens may be used for comparison.

Purported Designations. The examiner searches for documentary evidence that the signor/s, the witness/es and/or the notarizing official has assumed similar or different positions while executing, witnessing or notarizing acts or deeds on behalf of the assignor or other entities. These may come in the form of similar instruments such as assignments of security instruments, reports from various web sources and even assumed functions or designations posted by the robo-signing suspect on his/her professional profile. Up to three different sources of information may be provided.

The purpose of the robo-signing verfication section is to establish prima facie evidence that the signature/s or the signor/s, the witness/es and/or the notarizing official have been forged or robo-signed or signed by surrogate signer/s.

Verbiage of the Assignment

This section applies to assignments of security instruments and covers the review of the language of the assignment document, more particularly on the subject of the assignment, or what is covered by it. As one can distinguish from the title of the document alone, the subject of the assignment is the mortgage or deed of trust or security deed.

A closer scrutiny of the document, however, might uncover that the assignment also includes or purports to include the note secured by the security instrument being assigned. A note is a negotiable instrument which can only be transferred by endorsement, and the form of an endorsement is prescribed by law. Thus, an assignment which includes or purports to include the note being secured is not correct and not true whether or not the note has actually been endorsed. 

An assignment that is so worded has a more grievous implication on MERS because MERS would execute an assignment as nominee for the lender. As such, any authority MERS would have could only pertain to the security instrument. An assignment that is so worded would mean that MERS had already acquired the authority to endorse the note, which, of course, is not usually the intention of the originating lender.  

The Notarial Oath

In a typical notarial oath in an assignment of a security instrument, the notary public certifies under the laws of perjury of, or simply under the laws of, the state under which s/he is commissioned to act as notary public, that the signor personally appeared before him/her and who is personally known to him/her or proved to him/her on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to in the instrument, and acknowledged to him/her that the signor executed the instrument in the signor's capacity, and that by the signor's signature on the document, the assignor, upon whose behalf the signor acted, executed the assignment.
This procedure covers the notarial oath as it applies to the truth that person who signed the document is really the person s/he purports to be, that s/he has the capacity under his/her purported designation with the assignor, that the assignor has the authority to execute the assignment acting in its own behalf or as agent for the mortgagee or owner of the security interest, that by the signor's signature, his/her act is the act of the assignor and its principal, as applicable, and that, as applicable, it is the intention of the assignor and the assignee to bind themselves to the language of the assignment and make it known to the public (an assignment being a public document), that the assignment includes and purports to include the note secured by the security instrument being assigned.
The main purpose of this section is thus to establish prima facie evidence that the person who signed the oath as a notary public is not the same person s/he purports to be and therefore was not the person who was commissioned to act as such notary public.

On the other hand, there may be no question about the notary public who signed the oath, but if the signature/s of signor/s and/or the witness/es have been proven to have been forged or robo-signed or signed by surrogate signer/s and/or if the assignment did not really or legally cover the note being secured, then the notary public may be liable for violating the rules for notaries public in his/her own state.


The report is divided into two main parts; namely, the findings and the examiner's comments. The first part is divided into sections as there are documents examined for each borrower. Each section is divided into sub-sections as there are signatories who are to be cited in the report, as there is an adverse finding from the review of the verbiage of the assignment, and as there might be prima facie evidence that the signature of the notarizing official has been forged or robo-signed or signed by a surrogate signer, or that the notarizing official may have violated the rules for notaries public. The signatories to be considered are mainly the person who signed the document on behalf of the assignor and the notarizing official. The witnesses may or may not be included, depending on the instructions of the borrower.

The sub-section bears the name of the cited person as its title. It will contain one or more of the following: 

1. a statement that the person cited has been allegedly involved in the
    robo-signing of loan and mortgage documents. The links to up to
    three sources of this information are provided; 

2. a report that this person's signature on the document differs with
    his/her signatures on other documents that s/he signed on different
    dates. Screenshots of the signature in question and the other
    signatures serving as specimens (up to two [or more as the client may
    prefer]) are provided as well as information on the sources of the

3. a report that this person has also executed documents similar to the
    one examined while representing another entity in any capacity (for
    one or more instances).

The verbiage of the assignment will also constitute one sub-section in the report and will contain the following:

4. a statement that the assignment covers the note secured by the
    security instrument being assigned, which is of course not true and
    not correct, and therefore that the document contains a falsity which
    was otherwise certified by the notary public as true and correct. 

The notarial oath will constitute the last sub-section and will contain the following:

5. a statement that the notary public certified the oath even with the
    knowledge that or without verifying that:

    5.1. the person who signed the document may not be the real person
           s/he purported to be;

    5.2. the person who signed the document may not be the real person
           who was authorized by the signor to act on its own behalf;

    5.3. the assignor, purporting to act on behalf of its principal, may not
           have been duly authorized to act or was acting beyond its
           authorized capacity;

    5.4. a note is a negotiable instrument can only be transferred by
           endorsement and the form of an endorsement is prescribed by
           law. Thus, a statement that the assignment covers the note
           being secured is not true and not correct.

6. if any or all of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 are present, a statement that
    the notarial oath may not have been signed by the person who was
    commissioned to act as notary public.  
This report may be prepared exclusively on the subject of robo-signing or may be made part of a report on the Chain of Title Examination or Securitization Audit. A sample report can be viewed through the link provided at the bottom of this page.

The findings in the examination are factual although it is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. Users are strongly advised to consult a competent legal professional in connection with the contents of the report and its proper use.


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  1. I'm confident you can add Scott Gerald Heurkins to that list of Robo-Signer suspects.

  2. Hi Pamela. Yes, I've read that Scott Gerald Huerkins is an alleged Wells Fargo robo-signer. Surely, I will add his name to my list as soon as I can come across his signature in my examinations. Thank you very much.

    1. Great! I've got copies of various things he's signed under various job titles some signatures do not match and even got a copy of his notary application to verify the signature.

    2. Lost my home to JP Morgan Chase by fraud. Fraudulent Mortgage Assignment signed by Iquisha J. Criff and notarized by Helen P Tubbs. The attorney we used was in conflict of interest and associated with Old Second Bank who allegedly held the mortage before securitizing it over and over to make profits. Attorney was working FOR the banks and would not acknowledge the fraud. Who is out there to help file lawsuits?

  3. You can Add Peter Read to your list of Robo Signers as well....He is on 2 assignments in my docs... signing as AVP for 2 different Banks...
    I am looking for signatures of Robo Notary Matthew Allan Banaszewski
    both these guys worked for LPS in Minn. in 2006-2008.
    Email me at johnsc2c@gmail...I will send you copies and links I have found
    Thanks, John.

  4. I've got a "Peter Read" 8-28-2007 "Appointment of Successor Trustee" as a "Duly authorized officer" of Washington Mutual Bank fka Washington Mutual F.A. AND a "Matthew Allan Banaszewski" notary "signature" you were looking for. The alleged "notary" "signature", I believe may even be "Peter's" because its simply a "mark" with a similar style. Both alleged "signatures" are on a separate page from the "Appointment" rather than being on the same page as they should be.

    Thanks for your help. Need this right away if possible, for necessary response!

  5. Hi John B.

    I sent the document that has the signature of Matthew Allan Banaszewski on it as notary through your email on Saturday May 8. Incidentally the signer is Peter Read, as AVP of WaMu.

  6. Hi, I would like to know where I can get examples of Tiaquanda Turners varying signatures.

    Thank you

    Rita Franklin

  7. Hi, Ms. Rita Franklin,

    I have two assignments, one with only the signature page, that were signed by Tiaquanda Turner. Both were notarized in Collin TX. Please advise how I can send these to you.

    Thank you.


  8. I have uncovered much fraud and robo signing going on with Vericrest, Caliber Home Loans, and Lone Star funds (LSF6) over the past two years. Printed many signatures found online and was blown away when I cut them out and pasted them on sheets for each name. Don't just sit back and let your attorney handle your case, there is MUCH to learn and uncover in your documents, documents online and in a lot of research concerning this sick game. Patricia Saenz has signed as VP of several different entities and has several different signatures. Kristi Coleman a/k/a Kristi Little has several different signatures and signs as an authorized signatory, notary, and witness. The same with Steven Dang, and many others at Vericrest/Caliber.

  9. Thank you for the names of those suspects. I also collect signatures by non-suspects, arrange them in alpha, and verify for any variations. Caliber is servicer for LSF which are trusts created to foreclose, and that explains the need to rush the docs and get those signers to do the job.

  10. You are welcome. I can give more tomorrow when I get the papers I created out of the file. It has been VERY difficult to find much on the Lone Star trusts other than public notices concerning foreclosures. I see a ton of assignments online with LSF6 MRA REO and LSF6 Mercury REO Investments (two of several trust names in my documents). I have also found a lot of assignments online with evident errors, and cannot believe they were even filed. It seems Vericrest just threw whatever together and quickly every time. I have noticed that starting around 2012, they started using US Bank Trust, N.A. as Trustee on their assignments concerning many of these trusts. Before then, it was Vericrest, or Vericrest as Attorney-in-Fact, or some other such title. I personally have three different assignments in my case that were allegedly assigned from MERS as nominee for The CIT Group/Consumer Finance to different Vericrest/Lone Star trusts. There is a lot of shady stuff going on for sure. I keep finding stuff, but not sure how it all fits together exactly and I have been heavily researching and learning for my own case for the past few years. Just trying to keep the trusts, assignments, allonges, names and titles, and all other important info straight concerning these documents can boggle the mind quickly. I have created many documents just to keep evidence in my case straight.What is being done to homeowners makes me sick to my stomach. With all I am finding I am wondering why there is not more info and cases out there concerning these unscrupulous Lone Star/Vericrest/Caliber companies? At one time, I was able to find a few of their trusts in online documents pertaining to one of the big bankruptcies. When trying to access that case again recently, I was not able to. I guess the public cannot view it any longer. I did print the info out the first time I located the info though, because the names I found were in my own documents. Like I said, I just have not figured out how all of the pieces I have collected fit together yet. It is like I am on the verge of uncovering something, but not sure what. I am tired, so I hope all of that made sense.

    1. I'm trying to locate one of my past audit reports involving LSF8 Master Participation Trust which I will post on my Chain of Title Examinations blog. LSF trusts are very much active in courts and I wonder if they have been demanded to produce the note and mortgage together with the endorsements (of the note) and assignments (of the mortgage). So far as I have found, both are usually missing, or there is only the assignment without the endorsement. Most likely too, the assignments were signed by RS suspects.

  11. Sorry I did not get back quicker. We had a deposition and fraud has been proven, as well as robosigning admitted to. There has been a lot going on this week.You are right, they are extremely active in courts.We have demanded they produce the note which they claim to have, but in three years, the note has not been seen, although they have stated that it is in three different places.There is MUCH to this case. Anyway, I have my folder of signatures in front of me, so here is what I have collected...

    Alyssa Salyers- 2 as a witness,

    S. Bustamanti- 2,

    Lynette Shahbazi- 3 as a notary (I did find her actual signature in her own docs online also),

    Ives C. Dandridge- 5 as witness and notary,

    Jason Adams- 2 as ass't vice president of Vericrest/Caliber,

    Kristi Coleman- 5 as authorized signatory, notary, and witness (Kristi was previously Kristi Little on documents),

    Patricia Saenz(also seen as Patty on one document)- 3 signing as vice president of MERS, Vericrest, and CIT (years after CIT went bankrupt and sold their home lending and servicing platforms),

    Shannon Cook- 5 signing as authorized signatory for Vericrest,

    Ashlee Faunce-3 signing as witness and a notary,

    Omar Cerda-3 signing as notary and witness,

    Marilyn Hendricks-8 signing as ass't vice president of LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1, and vice president of Vericrest,

    Kendra Cook-4 signing as ass't vice president of Vericrest and as vice president of Caliber,

    Janone E. Irons-2 signing as witness and notary public,

    Jennifer Anderson- 3 signing as notary,

    Regge Prince- 4 (one of these actually has a y at the end of Regge) signing as notary and witness,

    Brandy Thompson- 7 signing as witness and notary,

    Steven H. Dang- 5 signing as ass't secretary of Vericrest, notary, and ass't secretary of LSF6 Bermuda Investments Trust

    On Marilyn Henricks' LinkedIn, she has that she was Vice President-Collateral Management of Vericrest and worked there for 6 months. She oversaw the retention and transmission of custodial documents to clear loan pools.

    Jason Adams' LinkedIn shows that he is a Foreclosure Manager at Vericrest (not a VP)

    Cutting out the signatures I found for each person and pasting them on a sheet of paper really makes it interesting. The differences in some are slight, but in others there is an extremely recognizable difference. These signatures are either robosigned, or the person the signature is for has MPD.

    1. You mentioned Lynnette Shahbazi, did the signatures that you found for her all match up, or were they different? I have a few of her signatures on Caliber Home Loans documents and the ones I have all look pretty similar.

    2. I'm interested in any signatures from Alyssa Salyers....I now have her signature appearing on an affidavit they just sent me. Can you help? I can provide email address if you could send to me, thanks. Or, if you prefer, I can send my copy to you. But I would prefer to see what you have for her signatures.

  12. Here is some of the mess...


    MERS as nominee for the CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. its Successors and Assigns
    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1
    September 2011

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., as attorney in fact
    U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF6 MRO REO
    November 2011

    Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems , Inc, as nominee for The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. its Successors and Assigns
    US Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee for Bermuda Investments 2011-1 Trust
    January 2012

    U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as Trustee for LSF6 MRA REO Trust, by Caliber Home Loans, Inc., F/K/A Vericrest Financial, Inc., as its Attorney In Fact
    U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as Trustee for LSF6 Bermuda MRA Trust
    July 2013

    There are a total of 7 or 9 different allonges (one -two new ones I have yet to see) and NONE of these are firmly affixed to the note as is required.

    The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc., by Vericrest Financial, Inc., as Attorney in Fact
    Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Company, N.A., as Trustee for Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust 2009-PL-1

    Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Company, N.A., as Trustee for Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust 2009-PL-1, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., acting as Servicer
    U.S. Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee for LSF6 Investments 2011-1 Trust

    U.S. Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee for LSF6 Investments 2011-1 Trust, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., acting as servicer
    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., acting as servicer
    U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as Trustee for LSf6 MRA REO Trust

    U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as Trustee for LSf6 MRA REO Trust, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., solely in its capacity as servicer

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1, by Vericrest Financial, Inc., acting as servicer

    Vericrest Financial, Inc., as successor in interest to The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc.
    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for LSF6 Mercury REO Investments Trust Series 2008-1

  13. A new allonge has shown up with Roy Lacey's signature. I guess I need to go back to collecting some signatures since you have him listed here.

    1. Sorry Anonymous, for this delayed reply. I've been scanning my files for a sample report for an audit involving Vericrest and LSF. I'm going to post it on my Chain of Title blog as soon as I can find it. Right now I'm working on MERS; these bungled assignments resulting in clouded titles and lots of RS too. And lastly about Roy Lacey, tell me if you want his signatures and how I can send it to you. Best regards. Alan

  14. Can you direct me where to get some varying signatures of SLEE, SWARUPA, I have these so far:
    thanks, Gerard -

    1. Hi Gerard, I have five documents signed by Swarupa Slee in my compilation. They do not differ much with each other but what really matters is how they compare with the one you have. I do Robo Signing verifications and I compile signatures from the documents assigned to me. There's a link in this blog to a sample of my report. And by the way I have searched for signatures of S. Slee on the web but found none and the links you gave do not bring me to the sites. Thank you. Alan

    2. Here are some S. Slee sig differences
      mine looks mostly like the first one as the examples come up
      how does this compare to what you have?

  15. I'm helping a friend and will fwd this blog to him...cos' if he can find differing sigs
    it will help his rebuttles heaps...
    Actually when I did challenge my servicer myself, they filed new doc's into the county record - lol
    they ended up sending me a no doc's required loan mod,
    with several hundred shaved off per mth, but spread over 40 yrs instead of 30
    which i took, cos i was running out of options, but only one year out from statute of Limitations....hmmmm

    1. Hi Gerard, the signatures on protitleusa are generally the same as mine. There are two types, the "rounded" ones and the "sweeping" ones (descriptions are mine). With that I could say there are two persons signing for her. Her different designations are also present in my samples. I take the watermark to mean that the site would not allow anyone to use their samples like pasting them on the report next to the verified signature as I do. There are several ways of delaying foreclosure or getting the lender to give us a loan mod, and RS is just one of them. MERS is another issue. The fact that you are questioning S. Slee means MERS is in your mortgage as nominee for the lender. Have a great week. Alan

  16. Hello, where can I get signatures for Jason Adams "Ass't Vice President" of what I don't know, Linda Rodriguez, Sasha Candelanna, B Gravitt, Julia A Edmonson, Claudette Longview. I would appreciate any info on how to go about finding if these people are robo signers. Jason Adams showed up on an allonge not attached to the note and it's with Caliber Home Loans Inc, LSF8.

    1. A heads-up for you, B. Gravitt has also signed as B Jenkins, I have several examples of her signatures, which all do seem to look similar. Also, Sasha Candelaria is an employee of LPS as far as I can tell, she is the notary on my Caliber documents too. I have found several of her signatures, they all look similar. Jason Adams, Ive seen that signature as well a few times, and those look similar as well. I would like to compare notes with you concerning Caliber/LSF8 because I am dealing with them also. I have found a LOT of information including proof that Caliber uses LPS Desktop to falsify documents. They even sent me a document which is a printout from the LPS Desktop site showing the timeline for the creation of the fake assignment of mortgage that they sent to me, no kidding. I'm sure it was a mistake for them to send it to me, but now that I have it, someone's got some explaining to do. Please email me at if you want to trade notes....I've been at this for going on two years with these folks and I have a lot of info to share.

  17. Hello Anonymous, you can find signatures for Jason Adams at when you get there, go to Ohio, and look in Fairfield and Franklin counties. You will have to type "Caliber Home", "Vericrest", or even the trust name you are looking for into the "Last Name" search box and hit enter. It takes some time to look since you can't just look for them by name, but it is well worth it, because of what you start finding. Also, sometimes you can do a Google search by putting their name in quotes and adding Caliber Home or Vericrest after their name. This option will sometimes take you right to a document with their name. Hope this helps!

  18. A Sasha Candelaria works for LPS...
    What companies are these other people signing for?

    1. Best I can tell, Sasha Candelaria is employed by LPS but she is actually embedded within Caliber Home Loans, in San Diego area. Same is true for Nhu Tran, who often signs as a witness(she signed as a witness on my docs). LPS provides small groups of people to actually work on-site with clients like Caliber Home Loans. I've seen plenty of Sasha's signatures, which all the ones I have seen look similar. Everything I have seen her sign was from Caliber Home Loans.

  19. A Google Search pulled up a document with a B Gravitt as a notary in San Diego

  20. Hi everyone! I have noticed from actual examinations that numerous assignments of mortgage have been worded to include the note in the assignment. I'm not sure if anyone has argued for the invalidity of the assignment from this viewpoint. If this is tenable, isn't this a way of invalidating the assignment? I have posted an opinion blog on this if you may care to read. Here's the link. Thank you.

  21. Thank you for putting this together. You can add Nathaniel Mansi to the list. Mr. Mansi is a foreclosure manager at Caliber Home Loans. His signatures appear on assignments of mortgage as "Ass't Vice President" of Caliber Home Loans. To date, I have identified more than a dozen different examples of "his" signature on these documents, and I have only searched in three states so far.

  22. Here are some Nathaniel Mansi signatures. Signs as an Ass't VP of Caliber, when he is really a foreclosure manager. See the pic with 4 separate signatures on it? The top two were both done on the same day, and the bottom two were both done two days after the top two were. Look at the difference between the top two sigs....then, compare to all the other signatures shown. There are more, this is just a partial collection of what has been found so far.

    1. Hi! Thank you for the link on Nathaniel Mansi. This will be very helpful.

  23. I need any information available about the following:

    Roderick M. Spriggins, VP, JPMorgan Chase Bank
    (LinkedIn shows "HL LM Underwriter for JPMorgan Chase Bank")

    Lynda Denise Marshall, Notary, Dallas, TX

    Christine M. Kuppler, Post Closing SV, Amerifirst

    April Scott, Asst. Secretary, JPMorgan Chase Bank

    Grizelda Flores, Witness on Special Warranty Deed

    Gary Dinsmore, Asst. VP, CitiMortgage
    (LinkedIn shows "Asst. VP for JPMorgan Chase Bank 7/10-9/14")

    Cortney Fox, Notary, Dallas, TX

    Nedra Nelson, Asst. Secretary, MERS

    LaToya M. Jackson, Witness on Assignment
    (Have also found Ms. Jackson as Asst. Secretary for MERS on another Assignment done locally in my community dated 16 days after the one that she's a witness to above.)

    Summer N. Burrell, Witness on Assignment
    (Have also found Ms. Burrell as Asst. Secretary for MERS on another Assignment done locally in my community.)

    Y. K. Wilson, Notary, Ouachita Parrish, LA

    Regarding Y. K. Wilson, do you have the documents you mentioned in your post about her? I'd really appreciate having a look.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Oops...I meant:

      Gary Dinsmore, Asst. VP, CitiMortgage
      (LinkedIn shows "Operations Manager for Citi")

    2. I have possible fraudulent documents in assignment notarized by Y.K Wilson, also have signatures of Alyssa Salyers as Foreclosure Document Specialist II regarding my foreclosure case with Caliber and US Bank NA as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, contact me so we can discuss @

    3. I have extensive proof of Y.K Wilson . Recently we filed a complaint with the 4th district Court of Louisiana the case is being reviewed for possible criminal charges. Y.K is involved in a huge fraud with NTC Title Clearing , Inc. If you want to have her signatures i will share with you .

  24. Would anyonee happen to have a doc with Becky North's signature? I have one, but need to compare it for a foreclosure. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jessica, Yes, I have the document signed by Becky North. It's in PDF format which I can send to you as an attachment to an email message. Alan

  25. Good evening!!
    I am looking for the following possible robo-signers:

    Florida Notary: Lubica V. Simon

    Vice-Pres: Elizabeth Boulton, Option One Mortgage Corp.
    going back 2011.
    If anyone has any documents or court cases regarding the above, please email it to me:

  26. You need to add KATHY ORIARD purports as Assistant Secretary for MERS but was on record as an employee of Bank of America.... notary was VAZRIK SARAFIANS (his facebook says he's from Iran living in CA)

    I (Pro Se) already won a dismissal for lack of standing in 2013 now going on my second roundabout as of 11/3/2015.....and immediately filed a motion for dismissal outside of pleading under FRC 12(b)(6)... they actually submitted the same exhibits and had no idea it was a refiled case and signed a "Certificate of Readiness" taking oath they reviewed the file and originals, LMAO..

  27. My husband and I are looking into Tyler Driver's potential as a robosigner, and we were excited to see that you included his name on your list. We would very much like to get the details on the documents you listed for him, so we can obtain certified copies to aid in our court case against our mortgage company and servicers. We have already located other documents that state he was a VP at CitiMortgage in this same time period. Please let us know what your charge would be for this information. The details we need are: where the documents were filed, the book and page number of the filings, the type of document, and the property owners/addresses.

    1. I replied to this message by email. There are two attachements. Thank you.

    2. I have info on Tyler Driver. Email me at and will send attachments.

  28. If you did not receive it, please send me a message to I will reply with attachments.

  29. I have an assignment of mortgage with Tyler Driver as Vice President of Citimortgage and Nicole Baldwin as Notary attesting to this in Panelles County, Florida. It was filed in Cumberland County, NJ. Please send a message to and I will reply with attachments.

  30. I am curious if there is anything that some of you may have seen regarding the claims division, or loss mitigation department. I am coming up on a year long anniversary for a claim (actually two) that seems to have been lumped together into one and I am now in foreclosure but it's been dangerously quiet regarding that side of this mortgage company as I try to help them understand the confusion. My thought is that mortgage companies are sitting on millions of dollars of claim money from the ice storms and chaos of 2015 and are probably dragging things out as they collect multi-millions in interest. They cannot seem to correct my situation, and until I am made whole, I obviously will not meet modification guidelines as I pay for storage of my home contents. Any thoughts out there? In my situation, the minute I have anything to say of substance, suddenly the person I need to address isn't available. This is starting to feel like a huge scandal all over again. This company is now servicing what was with Chase. I got lucky that BOA forgave altogether my second loan but Caliber has the first and like I said, it's a little too quiet while I sort out the claims... Anyone wishing to speak to me, email I was in this industry for 23 years and see the %^##% about to hit the fan all over again. Somethings odd about this...

  31. Lol!! I am new to this site and almost all of my assignments have robo signers within... Bryan Bly, Wendy Traxler, to start my list. Carol Hardin out of Travis County, on an OCWEN, Bly on Wells Fargo, I have a new lsf 9 the good ol boyz at Caliber. I have 3 mortgages in foreclosure and a FTL on all of it...very exciting. to see so much fraud. I will be back! with more names and possibily be able to share scans of assignments young and old. I have an Indy Mac, recivership all very henke.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I also have numerous new documents from actual audits for updating the contents of this site. I will do some updating today and in the coming days. Thanks for your visit. Feel free to visit again. Regards, Alan

  32. so Serena Harmam Asst. VP and Kimberly Dawson VP are the signers on our Mortgage Assignment and we were just told after 7 years of no negotiations and bad credit that the house was never forclosed on. So we still own it. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Janice, There is always the danger that your lender may act to foreclose on your property. If your loan has been securitized, chances are your loan has not been properly transferred to the securitization trust, and, with the involvement of S. Harman and/or K. Dawson, your transfer documents could have been robo-signed or even forged. You owe the money, you have to pay for it, but it also hurts if the party who will foreclose on your home (if it happens) is not the real owner of your loan - given the anomalies involved in the transfer. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

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  34. hi sir, am in mass, and going on 6yrs of fighting foreclosure, and investigating . my question is i once found a least 4 different signatures of this person on the web, and now cant seem to find it, maybe you can help. D.Chiodo,

    1. Hi! I have one specimen signature of D. Chiodo and it is on an endorsement he signed for GMAC. I may have encountered more but I do not collect specimens that are not unique. But robo-signing may only be one of the irregularities committed by lenders/servicers in your case. For one, your loan could have been securitized. I can't be sure if you need it and to give you an idea of what it is, there are links to my Chain of Title examinations on the right panel of this page. Feel free to communicate if you have questions.

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  36. Magda villanueva,. She have a stamped signature on my mortgage notethat is undated for New Century. The signature is not legible. Have anybody seen this. Any information would be welcomed. Thanks.

  37. Hi! I have two signatures of Magda Villanueva. To read the description, go to the alpha list of robo-signing suspects on the right column of this page and click on the S-Z header. If you need it, I can also do a robo-signing verification and report for you. Thanks.

  38. I have Bernard Wilens on my Allonge as vp for Franklin First Financial LTD, can you tell me if he ever held that title and work for franklin first financial in 2011

    1. I don't have a document by Bernard Wilens but I googled for him and it yielded this.

      May it be of help to you. Sorry for the late reply. Merry Christmas!

  39. Anyone can help me with signatures by Angela Nava. The bank is trying to foreclose again after an unsuccessful attempt in 2009 until now. Please advice and email info to

  40. I'm looking for any signatures of Villanueva, Magda, and Arias, Leticia.
    I would also like to supply you with the signatures I have, if you need them.

  41. If anyone has any signatures of Kendra Cook Caliber home/vericrest. Caliber filed a notice of default and she's on my deed of trust
    Thank you

  42. Looking for Ben Peck signatures.

    Took down BOA . . . Carrington is next!

  43. Hi. We have a signature of Shadonna Cephas and found a document on line with another signature with same name. Looking for more. Thanks for helping.

    1. Hi Myra,
      Would you want a copy of my document? If you do I will send it to you as an email attachment.

  44. Lost my home to JP Morgan Chase by fraud in 2013. Fraudulent Mortgage Assignment signed by Iquisha J. Criff and notarized by Helen P Tubbs. The attorney we used was in conflict of interest and associated with Old Second Bank who allegedly held the mortage before securitizing it over and over to make profits...then did a fraud robo-signed mortgage assignment to Chase. It didn't even have correct address. Attorney was working FOR the banks and would not acknowledge the fraud. Kane County Judges working for the attorneys and banks as well. Because we did not agree to the sale, bank sold house using special warranty deed. Who is out there to help file lawsuits for robo-signing and securitizing fraud? I am in Illinois. Anyone have more Iquisha J Criff signatures and Helen P Tubbs as notary. Thank You

    1. Hi! Iquisha Criff and Helen Tubbs are robo-signing suspects but we can't be sure if your assignment was robo-signed. We can only find this out in an actual examination. I can only say that I can provide prima facie evidence. The examination may also cover securitization and with that we must prove that the securitizing trust profited from securitizing your loan. The purpose is to prove that the securitization resulted in injury to you. As for a lawyer I don't have a contact in the state of Illinois but I can try with my existing contacts in CA and FL. Thank you for you interest in my work.

  45. Hi,

    I have many robisigners on my documents: Justin Rauh, treva Moreland, Mariam J. Paez, Margaret Evans, Paula Franklin, Steven K Patton, Bonnie JDawson, Eva Alvarez, Adam Cook, Cynthia Tran, Melissa Tomlin, Chad Traver, to name a few. Companies involved Fremont Savings and Loans, Countrywide, MERS,, Bank of America, Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) and GSAMP Mortgage Pass Trust 2005-HE1. Anyone have info on these people? Also, I was able to track down the note on the Deutsche Bank site and it has a zero balance since 2006. I also got a letter from the. SEC that the Trust terminated in 2006, not to mention the closure of Fremont and Countrywide. With all of this info is there anything I can do to make SPS cease its fraudulent attempts to foreclose?

    1. Hi! I have replied to your message in an email. Thank you.

  46. Yes I have notarized signatures of Kendra Cook and they definitely Do NOT match. Do you have any, let's share, I need more please. Contact Edward ASAP 818-613-9206 OR at