Monday, August 7, 2017

Information on Non-Suspect Signers, D to J

Davis, Karen

1.  Signed endorsement for Wachovia Mortgage Corp. as Assistant
     Vice-President, date unknown.

Diggins, Charles

1.  Signed notarization of Limited Power of Attorney for Charles
     Pedersen, signing for US Bank, NA as Vice-President, 24 Sep 2001.

Edwards, Kanetta Denise

1.  Signed notarization of Assignment of Montana Deed of Trust as Texas
     notary for D. L. Conch, signing for MERS as Assistant Secretary, 2 May

Fiorino, Lydia

1.  Signed Home Affordable Modification Agreement for JP Morgan Chase
     Bank, NA as Vice-President, 3 Sep 2015.

Gibbons, Kathy

1.  Signed as witness to Andrew Matsuda, signing Assignment of Mortgage
     for MERS as Vice-President, 11 Feb 2009.

Haines, Eric

1.  Signed Notarial Endorsement and Assignment of Note and Mortgage
     for iServe Servicing, Inc. as Managing Director, 31 May 2011.

Hemphill, Latricia

1.  Signed as witness to Eric Haines signing Notarial Endorsement and 
     Assignment of Note and Mortgage for iServe Servicing, Inc. as
     Managing Director, 31 May 2011.

Holtmann, John

1.  Signed Assignment of Deed of Trust for Novastar Mortgage, Inc. as
     Vice-President, 31 Jan 2013.

Jemison, Erin

1.  Signed notarization of Assignment of New York Mortgage as Texas
     notary for Lynn Bluege-Rust, signing for MTGLQ Investors, LP as
     Attorney-in-Fact, 17 Feb 2012.

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